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Insync Support can be a parent’s best friend

parenting supportUnfortunately, parenting teens and young adults doesn’t come with a guidebook.

You want to help, but your help isn’t wanted.
And it gets worse when your daughter or son has problems or disabilities.

Does this sound like you?

  • You try to set clear rules but you can’t really follow through on the rules you made.
  • You are often just too tired to argue, so you give in. And criticize yourself for it later on.
  • You just don’t’ know anymore if your son or daughter is telling the truth about things.
  • You are spending a lot of time ‘guessing’ at what is going on and wondering what you can do to help.
  • You feel pessimistic about how your son or daughter is going to turn out, and you think it’s your fault.
  • You need somebody to help you while you help your family.

Who can help you be a more effective parent? Insync Support parenting coaches can!

Insyc Support for parenting coaching is an innovative way to help parents of teens and young adults to make positive changes in their parenting behaviors.

With so many things to consider in parenting, it is hard to know what approach to take to problems with your teen or young adult. You want them to learn independence, but they are floundering and you need some support.

Here’s what Insync Support’s parenting coaches do…

  • We specialize in working with parents of teens and young adults.
  • We work with you and your unique set of strengths and challenges to support a healthy parenting approach.
  • We work with parents to develop realistic transition to independence plans for their young adult and then help them become a reality.
  • We help parent of teens and young adults who abuse alcohol and drugs to set and maintain healthy boundaries in their home.
  • We help the parent(s) of teens and young adults with a variety of mood disorders and developmental disorders to launch successfully out of the home and begin to practice independence.
  • We know that if the parent has the right kind of support, then everyone else in the family has a chance of doing better too!

And here’s what you will learn to do…

  • Create reasonable rules and structure in your home that you feel good about.
  • Develop strategies to help your daughter or son safely practice increased independence.
  • Focus on your own goals as a parent.
  • Become more effective in your communication and follow-through because you have a coach to help you problem-solve and strategize next steps.
  • With more confidence that you are doing the right thing and a plan that you feel good about, you become a better communicator and role model.

Clearly  Insync Support goes beyond what therapy or conventional coaching alone can do. If you want some help with your son or daughter, maybe this is what you’ve been missing.

Get help being the parent you need to be for your daughter or son.

If you are struggling with your parenting, we are anxious to help and would like to offer you  a free consultation to learn more about how we work and how we can help you and your family.  There is no obligation to continue at all, and  most likely you’ll even walk away with some helpful parenting tips. Will you take advantage of our offer? We hope so.

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