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Executive Functioning Disorder (EFD)

Add the Insync EFD Method to Your Mental Health Practice

EFD Clients Often Need More than Therapy Alone

As mental health professionals, we all have experienced the frustration of having to extend ourselves to our limits to help patients, only to see them underperforming and underachieving because they need more time and support than we can give them.

Left alone, those who struggle with EFD, and associated disorders like ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s), Anxiety and Addiction, have a difficult time getting things done or meeting adult “benchmarks”. This can lead to client frustration, depression, and anxiety which compounds their issues. They need more than the hour they have with us once per week.

To help you learn the Insync approach to treating adults with EFD, we offer a book, videos and one-on-one sessions,  and you can earn CEUs/CEs.

Four Ways to Leverage the Insync Network

ONE: Leverage Insync Coach Network

As the primary therapist, you drive the approach, working in collaboration with an Insync EFD coach to create and deliver a structured, practical solution-focused program or “master blueprint” of goals and tasks for your client to accomplish between visits.

Then, through daily texts, phone calls, and even one-on-one hand-holding the coach works with the client to accomplish those tasks and goals and keeps you informed.  These can be:

  • Basic Tasks  grocery shopping, renewing a driver’s license, getting daily exercise, or attending appointments, scheduled activities and meetings
  • Long-term Goals – pursuit of academic and professional goals, weight loss, fitness, or addressing unhealthy habits

TWO: Leverage Insync Therapist Network

When you need objective professional input about a client, you confer with a Licensed Clinical Psychologist experienced with EFD and trained in the Insync approach.  Together you determine if Insync coaching can help your client. This consultation can range from:

  • Advice and counsel  understanding the challenges you are facing with a client and how the Insync approach or use of a coach may help
  • Making treatment recommendations –  offering treatment plans and Insync tactics that have proven successful in similar cases
  • Collaborative diagnosis and treating – under your direction, having the Insync expert work with the client directly to understand their challenges and to develop a plan to implement

THREE: Learn Insync Approach

You can learn the Insync approach, receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or both.  Choose the approach the is right for you

  • E-Book –  Read “Adult Executive Functioning Deficits: Helping Underachieving and Underperforming Adults”
  • E-Book with 1 CEU – Read the book and take an open-book test to earn 1 CEU   Learn about the book…
  • On-one-one web or in-person training – earn up to six CEUs through a curriculum approved by The American Psychological Society (APA) and the California Board of Behavioral Sciences accreditation bodies

FOUR: Join Insync Network

You can learn the approach and join our network of EFD and Insync mental health professionals and we will help you expand your practice.  We will:

  • Provide referrals – that come in through our website
  • Promote your practice – through our marketing efforts


All coaches receive education and training in EFD / Adult ADD from a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with expertise in Adult EFD and associated disorders and are required to maintain their certification by participating in regular, supervised training and education classes

Improve the Success Rate of Your Clients

With Insync helping you help your clients overcome their EFD and associated disorders, you will see more of your clients make progress and your practice flourish.

  • Improved patient care – as we support your patient following through on your solution-focused program or “master blueprint” of tasks and goals so you can focus on providing them quality therapy
  • Increased patient success – with a personalized and proven treatment plan tailored to their EFD and therapeutic needs
  • Increased patient satisfaction – as they see themselves making progress and accomplishing their goals
  • Decreased patient stress – as they receive additional support to help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals
  • Increased patient physical health – with an additional health and fitness component to the program so your clients may be able to sleep better, eat better and experience an improvement in their mood

Three Ways to Become an Insync Support Practitioner

CEU/CE Package

CEU/CE Online Package

Six CEU/CE Package
Classroom or Online Option

  • Read the book
  • Pass the online open-book test for 1 CEU
  • (Test and CEU is optional)  and this is whit


  • Read the book
  • Watch Executive Function Disorder Video Presentation
  • Watch 5 Client Case Study Videos
  • Pass the online open-book test for 1 CEU
  • Read the book by Clare Manning
  • Attend half-day class or live webinar that includes client case studies
  • Pass classroom open-book test

Want to learn more before you commit?

Request a free phone consultation with Dr. Clare Manning and see if adding Insync to your practice will help your clients or if you need more custom program.

Recognized By the American Psychological Association

Insync Support’s continuing education curricula is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Insync Support maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Insync Support is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for MFT’s, LCPC’s and LCSW’s licensed in the state of California. /CInsync Support maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

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