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Executive Functioning Disorder (EFD)

You’ve tried so hard but can’t reach your goals

EFDD-therapy-coachAnxiety just makes it harder

It is not uncommon for individuals with Executive Functioning Disorder to have problems with anxiety.  EFD is set of deficits that get in the way of one’s ability to achieve their goals, and so with so many unsuccessful attempts to achieve their goals, a more positive and productive future seems out of reach. Understandably then, anxiety sets in –

  • Anxiety over a never-ending to-do list;
  • Anxiety of not being able to get things done and comparing yourself to others all the time.
  • Anxiety over what the future holds and imagining the worst outcomes
  • And anxiety over not being able to cope with the unexpected the consequences.

While others are familiar with “so much to do, so little time,” those with Executive Functioning Disorder are more familiar with just “so much to do” because getting to the achievement stage of tasks can be so much harder with anxiety.

Then, as if EFDD wasn’t enough, the combination of  EFD coupled with anxiety becomes even more disruptive to learning, memory, and directing attention. And the  cycle of attempts to get out of the gate with nothing more than the spinning of wheels leads to more anxiety.  Until now.

Getting the right kind of help for Executive Functioning Disorder, gives you choices –  and hope.

Here at Insync Support we specialize in EFD so we are uniquely suited to help you.

We work with clients who have EFD all the time, and our support goes beyond what therapy or conventional coaching can do alone. We have a team of coaches and therapists who work in sync to help you get things done and get you on your way to accomplishing your goals.

By applying our expertise in EFD, we’re able to help our clients –

  • Move forward on meeting adult benchmarks;
  • Have experiences of success, and;
  • Lead more productive lives!

And then when all is said and done,  and you have experiences some successes, there is less to be anxious about!

Our hands of support are extended. We want to help.

We want to help you see some of your goals become reality,  and get that difficult project or task job done – or even get the job you need.

If you have EFD, we’re standing at the ready, waiting to jump in and lift you out of whatever is pressing you down.

So we are extending a helping hand now with an offer of a free consultation. If anything, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of EFD and how to approach anxiety in a whole new way. Will you take advantage of our offer? We hope so.

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