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Executive Functioning Disorder (EFD)

Depression and Executive Functioning Deficits

With adulthood comes many responsibilities and demands that require substantial emotional, mental, and physical resources. It’s challenging enough for anyone, but for an adult that battles Executive Functioning deficits, it’s even more difficult and depression is not uncommon.

The challenges of adulthood coupled with those of EFDD can be crippling.

Already overwhelmed by feelings of failure and anxiety as a result of  the EFDD battles they fight each day, the challenges of adulthood add even more stress and impact the resilience they need to maintain forward momentum.

Feelings of shame or self-blame may arise and contribute to:

  • patterns of prolonged avoidance of tasks/duties
  • a persisting lack of joy or pleasure
  • neglect in self-care
  • feelings of hopelessness
  • decline in health
  • strained relationships
  • poor work or academic performance…and a number of other psychological and physiological symptoms that are included in symptoms of depression.

Therapy for depression is not enough for an adult with EFDD and depression.

If an adult with EFDD is being seen by a mental health professional, they may find some relief in discussing the patterns they are seeing, and have some assistance in finding ways to reduce some of the negative self-evaluation, increase self-care activities and support, and try to make progress on the avoided tasks.

However, it is not likely that the mental health professional will have expertise in adult EFDD and may not know to recommend additional interventions such as an EFDD coach to provide help in transacting daily tasks to reduce the chronic stress that exacerbates depressive symptoms.

If the adult with EFDD continues to experience chronic feelings of depression, and does not receive the right type of help, they may be under-treated for both the depression and for the EFDD. Eventually, they may become disillusioned with the lack of effectiveness of therapy alone, and are at risk for discontinuing therapy without ever receiving the kind of interventions, help, and care they needed to achieve their goals.

Enter Insync Support a revolutionary support system that syncs therapists with coaches that gets at the cause of the effect of depression and gets results in both!

Insync Support was formed to address the needs of EFDD patients. Offering both therapeutic counseling and the hands-on work of a fully qualified and EFDD-training coach, our support system covers the gamut of need in ways that neither counseling or coaching can do on its own. We offer the power of synchronized support in a powerful team of professionals.

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