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We're working in sync to support those struggling with
Executive Functioning Disorder (EFD)

How Insync Support Got Started

support-therapy for EFDDTraditional therapy wasn’t working.

Insync support was created and designed by Michael Tyree and Dr. Clare Joy Manning who met while working together at a residential treatment center for addiction – Dr Manning as the Clinical Director and Michael as Operations Coordinator, Director of After-Care, and ropes course & fitness instructor.

In working with adults, Dr. Clare Manning found that  Executive Functioning Deficits were not  effectively being addressed or resolved by increasing insight and awareness of symptoms and providing therapeutic support and patient education. She began to realize these young adults and adults adults needed something more than therapy in order to have opportunities for success and positive self-appraisal.

And what she discovered was that these adults needed help between appointments with her or other healthcare professionals.  They didn’t need psychological help. Rather they needed hands-on “get it done” kind of help.

She realized there was a missing link.

Enter Insync Support – The missing link

Dr. Manning’s vision was that there could be a  trusted professional of some kind to be there between sessions who was in alliance with her and would work together with her and her patients.  She envisioned a highly capable and motivating role-model kind of person “on the ground” to help people make meaningful progress. She knew if these adults did not have more help than she could give them, they would be under-treated for their symptoms and in chronic distress, and the benefits of therapy would be negligible.

In programs where she was the clinical director and supervising clinicians and counselors, and in her private practice, Dr. Manning noticed  how having access to supported practice of goal-directed behavior was the key to success.

At the same time, Michael Tyree was refining his expertise in working as an Addictions Counselor and Master Fitness Coach. Michael’s ability to create positive momentum with adults who needed hands-on  help and support to reach their goals was widely acknowledged and prized by all who worked with Michael.

Now they work together using their synchronized support model to the benefit of many grateful young adults, adults, and families. Both believe that working together as a team and combining their strengths is better than  just the singular, traditional approach of counseling or coaching, and the results they’ve achieved bear this out. They anticipate it will continue to be helpful and increasingly utilized by professionals and patients in the years to come.

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